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Who are we?

Network Restorers is a group of independent local companies acting together to service the needs of insurance customers nationally. Network Restorers provides one single point of contact, billing, job tracking and dispute resolution. Network Restorers proactively manages insurance claim surges.


Have you been affected by hail or flooding during Brisbane's storms and cant get a glazier or flood damage repairer? Stay ahead of everyone else with Network Assist's First Response Agreement. Guaranteed response to any event or disaster when no one else will answer.

Network Assist

Network Restorers makes use of an advanced web based workflow management tool to manage claims. Claims are submitted online and are assigned to local contractors instantly. Local contractors are notified of the claim by SMS and are able to respond immediately. Network Restorers may be engaged directly by the insurer (via call centre) or by any assessor or broker acting on behalf of the insurer.

Desk audits are performed on each job before processing and invoicing. A compliance database is maintained to ensure that contractors meet specific requirements regarding training standards, as well as public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.


Network Restorers take our national coverage policy seriously. We are available 24/7/365 to respond to claim surges and individual claims that might occur outside our contractors normal geographical coverage.

Who are we??


Network Restorers aim to establish a group of companies and technicians who have earned for themselves a reputation for excellence in their field.  These companies will have a thorough grounding in modern techniques as evidenced by up to date and comprehensive training of their technicians.  They will also have a sound background of experience in emergency remediation and have earned an indisputable reputation for integrity and fair trading.

These Suppliers undertake to maintain this reputation by dealing openly and honestly with those clients who have suffered loss or damage, and with the insurance industry who underwrite such loss.


Vision, Mission and Core Values



The service provider of choice, assisting in expedient processing of insurance claims while reducing costs and ensuring customer retention.


To develop and maintain tailored solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs and to be the leading restoration services network across Australia.


We draw heavily on a set of core values, which underpin our future direction and success.  In performing our core function, we live quality through following six core values:

PRIDE- Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence - Network Restorers representatives are personally committed to delivering excellence through the application of the six core values, in particular the PRIDE philosophy.

Exceptional customer service - Provide service that result in high level of customer satisfaction, which is prompt, effective and promotes good relations with affiliated industries.

Professionalism - Network Restorers is determined to achieve exceptional results through the uncompromising application of professional standards.  Network Restorers representatives present a professional image including, but not limited to, appearance, grooming, equipment attire and attitude.

Commitment - Network Group Pty Ltd was founded on the passion and commitment of its Directors towards the values and vision of the Network Restorers product.  The ongoing encouragement and harnessing of this commitment through a partnership with Network Restorers and suppliers will be a significant catalyst to future success.

Integrity - Ethical behaviour, fairness, honesty and sensitivity are key features of Network Restorers reputation for integrity.  The quality of our services will in part be judged by the integrity of our processes, including the high ethical standards we apply in the day-to-day activities of the business. 

Teamwork - The strength of the Network Restorers partnership is based on a commitment to teamwork, diversity and inclusiveness. We nurture the partnerships between suppliers and customers, and value of diversity and inclusiveness as investments in our growth and development. 


Customer Service Principles


  • Value – to offer a service of worth that our customers appreciate.
  • Quality – distinctiveness due to a high quality service at all stages of the service chain.
  • Reliability – a dependable company that people can trust.
  • Individuality – treating each customer as a unique individual, providing personalised service, not treating our customers as a number in the system.


What do we do?

Water damage restoration

Water from the storm, the bath, the hot water system, the dishwasher all causes damage as it travels through you home or work. We can assist with immediate response to the effects caused by water damage with the physical removal of the water and then the drying of items effected in a fast and efficient manner. Do not wait act quickly to remove excess water and reduce the risk of further damage to your home or work.

Fire restoration

A fire, be it large of small, can clause much disruption to your home or work. We can respond to your needs with knowledgeable and trained personal that can begin the first step in putting your life back together. From securing your home to prevent further damage to caring for your property until it can be cleaned for your use we can assist.


Contents Restoration

Successful recovery of contents of your home or work place is vital to get your life back to normal. We can assist with the inventory, pack out, cleaning, storage and return of your personal effects including furnishings, clothing, electronics, appliances and office equipment. Our goal is to return you to your home or work place quickly and efficiently to its pre loss condition. 

Fire restoration

A building once wet inside needs assistance to dry. Our service teams can set a scope for repair and implement the required drying needs to return the structure back to its pre-loss condition. Using air movement and dehumidification our trained technicians to measure the drying process and determine what materials have been effected and when they are returned to the to normal conditions.

Staff profiles



Ashley Easterby has been in SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) businesses in Australia for over 35 years and sees the need to build and maintain successful relationships as paramount.

In 1992 he entered the carpet cleaning industry and grew his business by adding Water & Fire restoration services.
In 2002 he formed a group of like minded Water Damage Restoration companies into the leading independent restoration network in Australia providing restoration services with national coverage for Insurance Companies. The processes developed have enabled his business to diversify into other trade categories for his customers.

He is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Ashley is married with two children.



Duncan has had a long association with the textile industry, prior to his heavy involvement in carpet cleaning, drying and disaster cleanup.

Associated with the carpet cleaning industry since 1976, he has found his prior knowledge of textiles and dyes invaluable.

As an industry figure Duncan has represented NUCCA on the board of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), he has served on the Restoration Industry Associations’ (RIA) restoration Council and is published author of technical articles for the industry.

He has been a key figure in the growth of Network Restorers from its inception, freely sharing his considerable experience of restoration processes with the group.

He is keenly interested in the delivery end of the business, supplier skill levels and training related innovations.


CARLY WATTS - Administration Manager

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